Zemi Aria Ivory
Zemi Aria Ivory
Zemi Aria Ivory
Zemi Aria Ivory
Zemi Aria Ivory
Zemi Aria Ivory


Italian Design Luxury Apple Airplay & Bluetooth Music System



Passionate music lovers are choosing to listen to high resolution digital audio recordings. Zemi Aria is designed to deliver the detail, richness and live emotion of these near analog quality recordings with the convenience of wireless technology and power of digital amplifiers.

Zemi Aria brings into play the best wireless technologies available for high resolution audio playback, Apple Airplay and Bluetooth (V3, 10 Mbit/s - APTX), providing robust bandwidth, speed and accuracy.

Airplay produces CD quality sound over Wi-Fi and can control up to six separate devices at once. Bluetooth (V3, 10 Mbit/s - APTX), with it's higher speed and bandwidth, is rapidly becoming the gold standard for wireless one to one high fidelity systems.

Tri-amplified power, precision DACs, playing through a hi-fi quality 2.1 driver set, Zemi Aria's rigid spherical structure and patented resonance cancelling internal soundchamber delivers the full beauty of recorded music at high volume…with maximum musical precision.



While Compressed Music on Zemi Aria sounds amazing, Zemi Aria is specifically engineered to reproduce the subtle detail of uncompressed music.


  • Analog and Optical Digital Inputs
  • Premium Digital-Analog-Converter (DAC)
  • Powerful 125W Tri-Amplified Design
  • Premium 2.1 Single Stereo Driver Set
    • Carbon Composite Woofer
    • Two Silk Dome Tweeters
  • Acoustically Optimized Driver Position
  • Parabolic Driver Surround
  • Rigid Low Resonance Spherical Cabinet Structure
  • Patented Bass Enhancing Internal Sound Chamber



Technical Specifications

Frequency Response 30Hz to 20kHz ± 3dB
Output 106dB @ 150HZ to 18KHZ
Distortion THD 0.1% @ 100Hz to 20kHz
Impedance Input 100KΩ, 100
Optical Input 24bit, 96kHz
Bluetooth V3, 10Mbit/sec – SBC
Apple Airplay
Amplifier 2.1, 125W r.m.s. (75W WF 25W+25W TW)


Coming 2016

Custom Colored Grilles